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At we are on a mission to provide every healthcare marketing and analytic team with access to the most advanced language quantification system in healthcare.

Harness the power of machine learning and natural language processing with our proprietary healthcare designed software. Don’t stay stagnant. Break through the limitations of traditional market research methodologies to get real-world feedback on your brand and more.

    The Difference

    We measure the adoption of your brand’s promoted story from what 60+ HCPs say about your brand… an analysis and language quantification system that helps PUSH your business forward.

    We understand your pain points and limitations with traditional market research.

    Healthcare is ultra-competitive.
    Limitations are NOT acceptable.


    Qual is typically small sample size and focused on insight generation, but findings may NOT be generalizable nor measurable.


    Quant is typically large sample size and predetermined to reflect the needs of the marketer and NOT necessarily reflects what’s truly on your customer’s mind at scale.



    is easy.